Black Wizard Wind

le John Joe de Búrca

This night in fury I will ride,
For I have a devil for a bride,
I will ride in the rain mind of pain,
For I ne’er will see my peace again.

So I ride with thunder in my mind,
With passion and vengeance blind,
For I feel foully and coldly betrayed,
For life has joked me and dismayed.

Tomorrow the hand of thunder in my mind,
And many from my anger will fall,
I will strive both night and day,
My mockers and detractors will pay.

The devil is my bride of pride,
And death is my morn and night,
There’s a gentle mist on the glen,
’tis there I’ll meet Donne’s dark men.

Those who laugh of my anger will fear,
For that which they took was held dear,
For if you steal a man’s soul,
You replace it with a burning coal.

Dark wizard of the wind that blows,
’tis not for thee the cock crows,
’tis not for thee, ’tis for me
The lady of the cold black Lee.

The river whispers by the town
Where many and poor a soul did drown.
And that is never far from me,
And the sword it will pay by me.

Ranganna: Filíocht. Clibeanna: . Buan-nasc.


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