The Siege of Boney’s Lane

Scríobh Danny Tom an t-amhrán seo. Is é an áit ina bhfuil Boney’s Lane ná idir tigh tábhairne Uí Scanaill agus an poitigéir ag dul suas i dtreo Daingean na Saileach agus na Ceapacha.

Foinse: Buail do Phuc is Liúigh, (Danny Maidhcí Ó Súilleabháin)

You may talk of gallant Sarsfield who fought at Limerick’s wall,
Or talk of brave McAllister who died in wild Imaal
Or talk about those heroes who fought the wars in Spain
Twas very slight compared to the night of the siege of Boney’s Lane.

And along came famed John Riordan, ’twas he declared the war
He smashed the windows, broke the door with the starter of his car
He caught Jack Twomey by the neck saying I’ll scatter out your brains
The war at Dunkirk was but a trick for the siege of Boney’s Lane

The next that came was Timmy King to try and restore the peace
And Eibhlís Creedon shouting out “Oh boys, send for police”
Along came brave Con Sullivan and peace he did regain
If he hadn’t come back ’twas the end of Jack at the siege of Boney’s Lane

Now what did cause this mighty war indeed we cannot say
You know they went for a joyride and had not come back next day
Jack Twomey being the foreman of them he did complain
No he’s feeling sore with his broken door in the middle of Boney’s Lane.