The Battleship Sinn Féin

le Johnny Tom Gleeson (cumadóir ‘The Bould Thady Quill’)

Sung to the tune of ‘The Wearing of the Green’

Whilst strolling round my Atlantic home in the merry month of May
A sailor boy I chanced to meet on the shore of Quincy Bay.
I thought he was a mariner from the fleets of France or Spain
Till I saw on his breast an emerald crest te Gaelic words Sinn Féin

With a joyful heart I welcomed him and grasped him by the hand.
Said, “My boy, what brought you here into Columbia Strand?
Has Gráinne Mhaol thrown off her yoke in mountain glen or plain
What means this crest on your manly breast this magic word Sinn Féin?”

Quoth he, “I am an envoy from Our Mother Rosaleen.
I seek my exiled brethern, be they orange, white or green.
I am an ancient Irish Irelander; I am Diarmuid Óg Ó Rinn,
A loyal tar on the man of war, The Battleship Sinn Féin.”

Says I, “My little sailor boy, I’m anxious; tell me pray,
Where is the favourite Anchorage wherein your good ship lay?
I am longing to behold the guns that will end the tyrants reign
I’d climb the bars and kiss the tars in the Battleship Sinn Féin.”

Says he, “The ship whose name I bear is not in the Ocean Crest.
It throbs with the pulsations of each Irish patriot’s breast.
Our motto ‘self reliance’ being, from anchor, rope or chain,
Our Gaelic Creed giving power and speed to the Battleship Sinn Féin.”

“God bless, you little sailor boy,” I murmured through my tears.
“You brought the only ray of hope I’ve had these forty years.”
“I’ll go aboard your gallant ship; until death I will remain.
I’m a loyal tar on the Man of War, the Battleship Sinn Féin.”