Mary Jane

Amhrán ar an gceirnín nua-eisithe (2017) de chuid Seán Ó Liatháin ‘An Crúiscín Lán’.

And sure once there lived a fair maid and her name was Mary Jane
She lived in a cottage by the Lee,
The bells they were ringing as I listened to the rain
As I sat upon the seat beside her there.

For she oft times used to whisper and she fondly used to say
“I love you and I care for none but you,
I never will forget you though we’re parting far away
Believe me and I always will be true.”

She was a pretty looking girl and her cheeks were like the rose
Her skin it was fair whiter than the snow,
I pressed her to my bosom and sure heaven only knows
Sure it nearly broke my heart to leave her go.


I asked her if she’d marry me and happy we would be
Together we would settle down in life,
She looked at me most charming and thus to me did say
For you I’d make a tender loving wife.


And sure now that we are married tis often times I say
Twas better we were single back again
For there’s so much joy and happiness I can not well contain
What a kiss from a true lover can obtain


Ranganna: Amhránaíocht. Clibeanna: . Buan-nasc.


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