Thade Shea’s Cow

le George Curtin

Foinse: Bailiúchán na Scol

Yesterday evening as I was going home
Down by Boher Leahan I happened to roam
And what should I see running back through the ray
But that cow known as Merrick belong to Thade Shea.

I thought she was gadding and I stopped for a while
Until she was gone something over a mile
When I heard the racket and hullabulay
Saying follow that cow she belongs to Thade Shea.

I took of my shoes and I tightened my pants
And after her I began to advance
She first faced for Ullanes jumping ditches and thistles
Turtógs and scátháns like an atomic missile.

She then gave a turn on towards Commerbower
And she reached Ballingeary in less than an hour
And then turning northward and faced for Rathmore
And when overtook her my feet they were sore

I blocked her up tightly inside in a corner
And up comes the bull and he began to horn her.
I gathered a crowd and we got him away
I ran and I brought her a bacal of hay

I being very tired I sat down on the ground
And in less than a minute I slept very sound
I slept that whole night until noon the next day
But when I awoke she was gone away.

I put on my shoes and faced for Kanturk
Some people thought I was looking for work
While more of them said that I was going astray
I was not but looking for Merrick O’Shea.

Her horns were long and her limbs they were straight
For running for jumping she could not be beat
She had a fine colour dark brown mixed with grey
And my heart is nigh broken from Merrick O’Shea.



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