All ye That’s Pierced by Cupid’s Darts

Dan Lucey – the Poet of Lios Buí

Foinse: The Songs of Elizabeth Cronin (Dáibhí Ó Cróinín)

All ye that’s pierced by Cupid’s darts, of high and low degree,
I hope you’ll pay attention yet and advice take from me!
Don’t leave behind the lass you love for the sake of self or gold,
Or if you do, you’ll rue the day before you will grow old!

When my love and I absconded, I’ll remember evermore:
On the 18th day of February, in the year of ’84.
To the sunny side of sweet Deshure from my native home Lios Buí,
In that very merry charming spot, reared since my infancy.

In fair Kilmichael parish, now, forever I must abide.
Its praises too I did unfold when I was but a child.
My ambition sure for living there, it’s true I did proclaim;
So my lot is cast, my sentence passed, for life there to remain.

By Terelton’s splendid station, built for the constabulary –
My near and next-door neighbours, now forever more they’ll be.
Their belts and bayonets dazzle me each sultry summer’s day;
When on duty for Her Majesty they are bound and must obey.

And sometimes I feel lonesome, my native home to part;
For my near and dear relations from me are far apart.
My brothers and my sisters too, I seldom can them see;
But my only consolation is Cuisle Geal Mo Chroí.

So farewell to famed Kilbarry and to famous Silvergrove!
Likewise to Clannty Carthy and to Lios Buí Beag and Mór!
And to each very merry, charming maid who had a dance with me;
But the one I danced withe after all was Cuisle Geal Mo Chroí.

It’s once I had a paramour behind ‘longside Gúgán;
And others not so far away I would not tell at all.
And some have crossed the stormy main – may God there with them be!
But the one I chose amoungst them all was Cuisle Geal Mo Chroí.

So farewell to good old neighbours and to him who leads them on!
Who came here of his own accord and recommended Dan,
He saw me in my cradle and he watched me tenderly,
Where I surely had no notion of Cuisle Geal Mo Chroí.



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