Marysheen Went to Bonán

This song was composed by Johnny Nóra Aodha Twomey, one of a group of poets who lived in the Kilgarvan area, just across the border from Cúil Aodha. Marysheen was a daughter of the poet’s neighbour and had spent some time in America. The poet’s attempts at courting her were doomed, and she left for Bonán to marry Foxy Thade.

Foinse: Bruach na Carraige Báine (Diarmuidín Ó Súilleabháin)

Ye muses I crave your attention
While I sing you a verse of a song,
And indeed it is not my intention
To keep you awaiting too long.
For you know since this game went against me
I can nevermore sleep until dawn,
My spirit completely has left me
Since Marysheen went to Bonán

A long time we had been acquainted
The space being exactly two years,
I took up the matter quite easy
Expecting that there was no fear,
But suspecting that I was a schemer
And wanted my favours withdrawn,
To rack and to smack and to tease me
They left her go back to Bonán.

‘Tis many’s the evening I wandered
And faced for the west I was prone.
To see me both racing and prancing
‘Though very much wanting at home.
‘Tis many’s the garden I trampled,
And fences I knocked in Diarmán
I’ll give up my palaver with Yankees
Since Marysheen went to Bonán.

‘Twas often I drank with her father
Full many’s the saucepan of beer
Fair days in Kenmare and Kilgarvan
Sure nothing could part us my dear.
He used to be praising his daughters
And saying they were handsome and calm,
How fair and severe it went after
When they left her go back to Bonán.

‘Tis often in deep conversation
Our language was plain and discreet,
But I was building on sandy foundations
Which soon slipped away from my feet;
Well knowing that some drops I was taking
And often out late ’til the dawn
She packed up her boxes quite easy
And she went for her frak to Bonán.

This Yankee had lots of good nature
And tried to make all things complete.
She never employed any spakers
Though one of them came there last week.
There was one from a shop that’s convenient
And one from our grand Tailor Bán,
Sure that put her prancing and racing
And hastened her back to Bonán.

‘Tis often we were at a tea party
With dainties both warm and sweet
Tasting and feasting ’til morning
Surrounded with all things complete.
I gave them a share of fine palaver,
And made about twenty rabhcáns,
Pleasing and teasing them after
When they rattled her back to Bonán.

This Yankee had lots of good nature
And very well able to speak,
Although she was watching and waiting
‘Til she lost all her patience and indeed.
For she travelled New York and Chicago
And drank a few treats in Gúgán,
No chap except Jack ever pleased her,
‘Til she met Foxy Thade from Bonán.



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